About cloud rock...

Cloud rock is a very schizophrenic genre. This is the only place where jazz, folk, new age and death metal can copulate. Progressive metal or avant-garde metal may do it, but you can make more things with cloud rock: you can mix new age with black metal, jazz, ambient, krautrock, industrial, rap, folk, pop, chanson and post-rock, because there are no real limits, you just must take heavy metal, progressive rock, shoegaze and post-rock as primary inspirations. You can mix anything, this will be nearly trite for this genre, not in the other ones. There are limits, but in general, they are four little big rock subgenres, that's it! This is why I've made of it a genre with such multiple possibilities, I had a heart stroke when I saw it on SoundCloud. I'd like to make it a little bit more known, but how? I think that we can't know, and only God knows... If he exists.

Metalfist IRL presentation

Real name: Alexandre Abdelhamid Bali
Date of birth: April, 13th of 2002
Country and city of birth: Lyon, France
Instruments: GarageBand, computer music, vocals
Activities: Musician, video game programmer/designer
Genre: Death metal, cloud rock, post-metal, doom metal, progressive rock, instrumental rock


Give me a Q&A @ Ask.fm: My account is metalfistonly.

Cloud rock
    Cloud rock                                                              
Stylistic origins

Progressive rock, heavy metal, extreme     
metal, classical music, progressive metal,    
world music, grunge, shoegazing, electronic
music, neoclassical music
Cultural origins
in the middle of the 2010's                            
Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, clean guitar,  
drums, bass guitar, samples, viola, violin, 
cello, contrabass, piano, synthesizer
Why "cloud"? Because the music is sweet, but has big tornadoes in a couple of seconds, like this kind of music. Take all of those stylistic origins, mix 'em, and that makes cloud rock! If you can't, so wait "METALFIST"'s album (Feb, 1st)
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